as amended 16 May 2017


The name of the organization is Electronic Engineering and Manufacturers Group, known as "EEMG." 


  • There will be an eight (8) person executive committee.  This committee, consisting of members only, will serve for a two-year term, starting in July.  Elected members may serve two consecutive terms.

    • Emeritus members may be appointed by direction of the elected Executive Committee.

    • Emeritus members are not subject to term limits and serve at the pleasure of the elected Executive committee.

    • Elected and Emeritus members enjoy the same privileges on the Executive Committee.

  • The committee will elect a Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Vacancies may be filled by the Executive Committee. 

  • The Executive Committee will exercise management control over the organization and will be guided by these by-laws, subject to majority decisions.

  • Amendments to these by-laws are subject to a majority vote by the members of the Executive Committee.

  • The Executive Committee will solicit nominations for the following year's Executive Committee.  Election Ballot will be posted on the EEMG web  page and registered members will be notified in April via email to go online to cast their vote. The Executive Committee will be responsible for tallying the votes submitted.  Results will be announced at the May meeting.

  • In the case where elections are not needed to select those who volunteer to serve on the Executive Committee, all volunteers may be accepted by the Committee.

  • Liaison with other organizations will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee.


  • Membership dues will be set by the Board and assessed annually.  Invoices will be transmitted electronically via email to the previous year's members during August.  The dues will be used to defray the cost of operations.

  • New members joining after January are eligible to join at a reduced rate for the remainder of that business year.

  • The Executive Committee will drop those members who do not pay their membership dues within 60 days after the billing date.


  • Meetings will normally be held on the second Tuesday of each month with a lunch meeting as follows:

  • Registration/Networking - 11:30 am

  • Lunch - 12:00 Noon

  • Speaker - 12:30 pm

  • Adjournment - 1:00 pm

  • Attendees will pay the "established price" at the door.

  • Member making reservation will be liable for the established price unless he/she notifies EEMG registration of non-attendance 2 days prior to the meeting.

  • Continuous non-member participants will be encouraged to actively join the EEMG.

  • Announcements affecting members and membership will be made as part of the welcoming message by the chairman during any month as necessary.

  • Should there be a special type meeting that would increase the costs, an increased charge will be assessed. For example, an increased charge may be needed for the December (Christmas meeting).


  • The Chairperson of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for providing current membership roster, by-laws, etc. to the Executive Committee within 60 days of assuming their responsibility.