About us

EEMG is a 59-year old professional association of nearly 75 companies representing over 350 individuals
interested in doing defense-related business with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base organizations.  Most of
these are Aerospace and Information Technology (IT) firms from around the country that have operations and field
offices in the Dayton Area to serve their Wright-Patterson customers.  These include prime contractors,
subcontractors, and their suppliers.  Several firms are headquartered in the area, and the majority of these
are also members of EEMG.  Our roster is continually growing as more companies recognize the value-added
benefits of EEMG membership.

EEMG is not limited to electronics, as the name may imply.  Perhaps at one time this was the case, but today's
membership is composed of defense-related executives and business development professionals.
EEMG has grown over the past decade by keeping in touch with all the latest technical and functional activities
supporting the Wright-Patterson community.  It is also the only local professional organization whose membership
supports all the major WPAFB customers, including AFMC, AFLCMC, AFIT, NASIC, AFSAC, and AFRL.
A 501(c)(6) non-profit association, EEMG provides its membership a monthly opportunity to network, discuss opportunities,
socialize, and listen to different perspectives from our distinguished speakers on topics of local and national interest
to the WPAFB community.  The forum is our monthly luncheon, generally held every second Tuesday, September
through June.  We also provide tools such as our membership roster and website to further enhance communications
and members' business development activities in today's WPAFB marketplace. 


I extend my personal invitation to you to join EEMG if you haven't already, and to join us at our next luncheon for
an informative and enjoyable experience.  Our membership and board are always seeking volunteers who can assist and improve the networking experience for all participants - we encourage you to join and volunteer today.


Doug Weed
Chairman, 2018-2019